Search – Search report – Written opinion


Do a trademark search with us to save yourself time and expense:

  • we search your trademark in the database of registered trademarks
  • we search your trademark in the database of pending trademark applications


Search report contains:

1. prior registered trademarks, that are identical or similar to your mark, including :

  • names and contact details of the holders of the trademarks
  • detailed information on registrations of the trademarks

2. pending applications to register trademarks that are identical or similar to your mark :

  • names and contact details of the applicants
  • detailed information on the pending trademark applications


In our written opinion we:

  • explain you availability of your mark for registering
  • advise you of the ways to successfully overcome the possible obstacles to registering your mark

Filing a Trademark Application & Registration Process


We file your trademark application with the Russian Federal service on intellectual property, patents and trademaks (ROSPATENT):

  • we compile the applications in compliance with the requirements of ROSPATENT
  • we file the application
  • we forward you the Official filing receipt to confirm the date of filing the application


  • we monitor the application status as it progresses through the registration process
  • we timely inform you about all details of the registration process
  • we advise you of the steps that must be done
  • we prepare draft responses to the Official Actions and forward them for your approval
  • in accordance with your instructions we forward necessary documents and responses to the Official Actions to ROSPATENT
  • we receive your Trademark Registration Certificate from ROSPATENT
  • we forward you the Trademark Registration Certificate with our final written consultation

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